Highway 1093 north to Phu Sang District

I had identified highway 1093 on this trip as a potential great road and it turned out to be so.  Not so much as a riding road but just for the sheer beauty of the surroundings.  In fact you have to be careful to keep your eye on the road as you look around at the scenery.

This will be a series of four videos that cover a large proportion of it.  This first video covers the initial climb from 458M upto 980M and by the end you are starting to realise you are in for a special experience.  The second video continues directly on after this one ends, part three and four to follow.  As can be seen from the map a large part of highway 1093 runs close to the Thai/Laos border.

If I had planned my journey time better I would have factored some time at the Phu Sang waterfall at the 4KM mark of the video and I would recommend it as a break point if you are planning a trip up here.

I will be posting separately more photos of the part of the trip.  Stand by..

Map of the route:

Ride carefully and always within your ability.  The video shows speed (it is not completely accurate and has some inconsistencies), elevation graph, longitude and latitude, time and date, distance along the route and a squiggly line representing the road with a dot showing the current location.  This video was shot in December 2014 and roads in Thailand do change over the years, a once pristine section of tarmac can degrade and likewise a bad section can be resurfaced and become as smooth as silk!

Leave a comment if you have an up to date report.

You can find excellent bike reports and information of northland Thailand over at Golden Triangle Riders


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