So you think travelling 150 days a year is glamorous and easy? Well to some extent (a little extent) it is. But most of the time it is a hard slog, boring and tiring. It has it fun moments, dull moments, times of intense irritations and occasionally some scary encounters.

Follow my endeavours with work and life as I travel mainly SE Asia, regularly the USA and occasionally others parts of the world as ‘The Regional Manager‘.

A little about how the site is organsied.  Click ‘Recent Posts‘ for chronological order of recent posts, simple!  Secondly everything happens in a place, right?  So you will find all posts under ‘Places‘.  Under places you will see different countries lists so if one place or region interests you just jump right there.

Along the way I stay in hotels 150+ days a year, taking flights and taxis, eating out and meeting people.  All these things can be found in ‘Encounters‘.  There are subcategories as well if you like for instance to compare notes on taxi drivers the world over!

Of course I don’t work all the time and in ‘Time Off‘ you can see what I do at these times.

Some subjects do fire up my brian and thoughts.  Once I have mulled and looked into some matters I may expound some enlightened theory or thought on a subject.  You will find these posts in ‘Soap Box

Lastly having worked in the media industry all my working life mainly as a geek I do like picking up a camera and a microphone and firing up Final Cut from time to time so all my media (that I want to share) you can find in ‘Media Box‘.

Take care…



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