Improv Shmimprov

Billed as Orange County’s premier Improv Comedy Troupe, albeit self titled, I went for my second night at Improv Shmimprov at the Maverick theatre in Fullerton, CA.  Second time around was better than the first and the first was no disappointment. The comedy was slick and the players at the top of their game tonight.

Having grown up in the UK, comedy is in my DNA and I was worried what was in store maybe somewhat amateur.  But this is right up there with my teenage memories of Channel 4’s Friday night ‘Whose Line is it anyway?’, UK version not the butchered US one!  If you love clever, raucous and occasionally R rated improv you won’t be disappointed.

Performing relentlessly most weekends to a dedicated and enthusiastic following I highly recommend a late night trip out to the Maverick theatre.  Book in advance or arrive early to be sure to get in.

For details follow Shmimiprov link above.

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