Highway 4044 End

Bangkok to Chiang Rai and back (December 2013)

December in Thailand is wonderfully cool and I took a couple of weeks and headed off up to Chiang Rai.  Once in Chiang Rai I worked and hung out for a a week.  For a cheap five star hotel check out the Le Meridian, a bargain at around US$100 a night and  first class establishment.  For those who think Thailand is baking hot all the time if you venture up north at this time of year be prepared to wrap up warm.  I usually set off riding before 6am and was poorly equipment for the cold!  But come late morning it has warmed up to ride with minimal layers.

This video and photos chart the trip.

Thanks to Shimona Kee for letting me use her song ‘Rainy Day.  Check out Shimona here





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