A Day in the Trees

With Covid lockdown behind us we got out of the house to support some local tourism with Rotorua Canopy Tours for some zip-lining. A fantastic operation which is well organised with friendly and accommodating guides. Plus there is added bonus of free photos emailed to you afterwards. Their tourism operation also supports an environmental campaign that restores and maintains the native forest they operate in. This was my second tour with them.

After kitting up their offices and signing away your life you drive around 20 mins to the native forest where they operate the zip-line tours. The “Original” or the “Ultimate” tour is available. I have done the “Ultimate” on both occasions as it provides the longest zip-lines but the “Original” tour is apparently a more beautiful way to experience the forest. See the website for all the details.

The highlight of the “Ultimate” tour is the 400 metre zip-line with the added competitive element of tandem lines where you can race against the partner of your choice.

The Race

Overall a fantastic way to spend half a day in Rotorua. I recommend doing an early tour and being done by lunchtime. You can relax over lunch and let the adrenaline subside and go on and explore more of Rotorua in the afternoon.

Location of the forest (the offices are located on Fairy Springs Road) :

Forest Location

Photo gallery:

Book your tour here!


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