Highway 35, East Coast

Highway 35 runs from Opotiki round the east cost to Gisborne. It is very much a tourist route and not that busy even during summer. It is somewhat a hidden gem especially for two wheeled fans. It is beautiful, quiet, full of corners and empty of speed cameras!

Unless you live along it’s path the only reason to do it is for the sake of the journey as there is a much quicker way between Opotiki and Gisborne via highway 2.

As it is close to home I often venture out to highway 35 but often not the whole loop as it takes the whole day.

For those in an electric vehicle there are a couple of convenient charge places to help get you all the way around without the help of a tow truck or overnight stay.

I will post more details on the gems along the way in the future. For now here are a few pictures from July 2019)

Google Maps – Highway 35

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