Bongeunsa Temple – Ballons, Pebbles and Buddha

A spare hour in Seoul enabled me to cross the road from the hotel into the Bongeunsa Temple grounds.  As is often the case with a temple in the the city it is amazing how the tension of the metropolis evaporates shortly after entering the grounds.  Regardless of your religion, faith or lack thereof I find that people wandering the grounds are usually trying to make sense of life, connecting with friends,  thiniking and praying for loved ones and family or just wandering around and enjoying nature and beauty.  It is certainly a more noble use of time than going to the mall.

I was particularly intrigued by the numerous small stone pebble constructions which maybe were made by temple visitors as some lesson in patience and concentration by their monk guru.

It is amazing to think that this temple was initialed constructed well over a 1,000 years ago and in it’s current form since 1498.  Hard to imagine the surroundings back then but it has survived the progress of mankind springing up it all around it with dignity.

Links for more information: Bongeunsa Temple Wiki and Visit Korea Website


Photos (Canon G5X):

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