Highway 1083 – Take me to the River

I am writing this post a year after the event after finding it in my WordPress draft folder.  Well, this section of road is one of my favourite stretches for enjoyable riding, scenery and clearing one’s head.  It is always the part of the trip I feel truly free of Bangkok and heading north into more remote areas.  The bridge over the Nan river where the video ends is always a great stop to switch off the bike for a few minutes, take it all in and enjoy the sounds of river and forest.


Map of the route:

Ride carefully and always within your ability.  The video shows speed (it is not completely accurate and has some inconsistencies), elevation graph, grade, longitude and latitude, time and date, distance along the route and a squiggly line representing the road with a dot showing the current location.  This video was shot in December 2015 and roads in Thailand do change over the years, a once pristine section of tarmac can degrade and likewise a bad section can be resurfaced and become as smooth as silk!

Leave a comment if you have an up to date report.

You can find excellent bike reports and information of northland Thailand over at Golden Triangle Riders

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