Views around Chiang Khan

Heading on the bike up to Chiang Rai from Nong Khai along the Thai-Laos border.  I spent the night in Chiang Khan for no other reason that it fell somewhere between Nong Khai and Nan and I did not want to ride too far the first day (out of three), so Chiang Khan it was!  What a pleasant suprise that I was not able to fully explore after arriving late afternoon and leaving first thing the next day.  The high street is a charm with loads of cafes, market stalls and guest houses along the Mekong with views across to Laos.  It has a feel of Pai up north so if you like Pai you will like Chiang Khan.

So here are a just few shots of the Mekong from the cafe I grabbed  a late lunch at, sunset around the resort I am staying at and a nearby restaurant with typical Loei ghostly artwork.

I look forward to a longer stay on another trip and more photos.




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