Narita, more than the airport

For most, me included, Narita is the airport (NRT) at Tokyo where you arrive and depart but having had several overnights over the years I have started to explore a little.

If you have to stay a night or two at one of the many airport hotels you can probably get a free hotel shuttle to Keisei Narita Station or JR Narita station which are basically in the same locale.  From there a 10 minute walk along Omotesando Road and you are into Naritasan Park where you can stroll around and inbibe Japanese peace, order and culture.  If you have time for a meal order some Unaju which you can see being prepared fresh if you arrive in the morning. Although you may not want to see your eel alive and then swiftly chopped up, but at least you know it is fresh!

So get out of the hotel, fight the jet lag and explore….  you won’t regret it.

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