Gadgets of Yesteryear – The Sony NW-E507

For those who know me know that I do like my gadgets and as I get older I look back with fondness past purchases, some good and some not so.  But all gave a temporary buzz during the purchasing phase!  Armed with my new macro lens I will photograph and share some past gadgets that have had a place in my life.

To start with is my first MP3 player was the Sony NW-E507, a name that rolls off the tongue!  I was in fact very late into the MP3 player world and at the time the iPod was well entrenched and I ignored the advice of my best friend to go with an iPod.  I was still a 100% Sony guy and could not quite break up with them.

Although after the NW-E507 (I am learning to type that quite fast now!) I went with Apple I still enjoyed many a flight with the Sony and still admire it good looks and solid feel.

I think I bought it in 2005 in Portland, Oregon and although made in China the quality is great and still works today.  It has a well thought out control and the battery lasted for ages and just a three minute charge would give 3 hours of playback in a emergency.

It played Sony’s crazy and restrictive ATRAC format but also MP3 files.  It was well before I purchased music digitally so I think used some crazy Sony software to get music on and off it.  A full 1GB was more than enough for me to enjoy all the music I wanted.

I used it to for quite a while until my first iPod purchase and this gadget probably marks my final purchase as a hardcore Sony fan.  How Sony lost the whole music game to Apple is a lesson in stupidity.  We should still all be buying Walkman’s if Sony corporate had got its act together…

Sony NW-E507 support page

Next up: MiniDisc!



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