FA Cup Min-by-Min

Here I am at LAX waiting for my flight to Denver and City are playing in the FA Cup final. Three sports bars none of which is showing the world’s favourite sport! One was even showing Lacrosse!!! Wake up America!!

But I kind like it, I got my spot in a cafe and will hunker down to BBC/Guardian Min by min coverage on the website. Can be just as exciting and provide stronger memories years done the track. After all it was in SFO two years ago in a United airlines lounge toilet I cried as City beat United in the Semi-final.

Got to go now and refresh my web page…..




  1. At least this guy can watch!!

    7 min ago
    24 min: Nastasic tries to score from 35 yards out. No. “Over here in the States we’re being treated to the cup final on Fox,” says Mike Craig. “Not on any of the 100+ dedicated sports channels, but regular Fox. Mind you, they just told us it’s being played at Wimbledon.” Superb. Has anyone asked why there isn’t a big net spanning the halfway line yet?

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