Sexual Orientation Queried by Taxi Driver

A couple of interesting taxi trips in last two days.  Firstly the knife wielding song taew driver and today on returning from dropping my daughter at school and near the skytrain station my driver asks me a series of questions in Thai.  Firstly I am little surprised that I understand what he is asking as my Thai is pretty poor (shame on me after seven years here!)

Exchange goes as follows (translated by me!):

Taxi: You like Ladyboy?

Me: No

Taxi: You gay?

Me: No

Taxi: Most farang (foreigner) like Ladyboy

Me: Ok, really… I am quite normal

Taxi: Ladyboy big throat

Me: Yes and big hands

Taxi: Haha

Me: Haha, well some Ladyboys are very beautiful but normal girl fine for me

Taxi: Yes, OK

Me: Thanks, drop me off here please…

Well it certainly is far more interesting and engaging than the usual:

Taxi: Where you from?

Me: England

Taxi: Where?

Me: Manchester

Taxi: Man U?

Me: No I am from Manchester I support City!

Taxi: I like Man U/Liverpool/Chelsea

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